With the Defensa, Touratech has developed an extra-robust protector for handlebar armatures and hands.
The construction made of high-strength aircraft aluminium can be precisely adapted to different motorbike models and offers interesting variation possibilities.
One of the first motorbike defects I can remember was a broken clutch fitting. Having just turned 18, a buddy had parked his newly acquired XL 200 in a meadow. It happened as it had to: the stand sank in and the bike fell over. Not so bad, we youngsters thought to ourselves. But when the bike was upright again, we saw the mishap: the clutch fitting was dangling miserably from the Bowden cable. With a little improvisation, we got the XL back on track for the trip to the dealer. What was then an annoying burden on an already tight budget can become a real problem on a long tour. We don't even want to imagine the situation described at the beginning in the middle of the desert. But a few valuable days of holiday can quickly be ruined because of such a small accident. The handlebar fittings are among the most vulnerable components of a motorbike.


  1. Hand protectors DEFENSA Expedition for Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin/ CRF1100L Adventure Sports
    Hand protectors DEFENSA Expedition for Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin/ CRF1100L Adventure Sports
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  2. Hand protectors DEFENSA Expedition for Yamaha Tenere 700
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    Hand protectors DEFENSA Expedition for BMW R1250GS/ R1250GS Adventure/ R1200GS (LC)/ R1200GS Adventure (LC)
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And the remedy can be so simple, because a solid protector reliably protects the levers from damage. But be careful: "Not all hand protectors are the same," says Touratech expert Tilo Jentzsch. "Simple plastic shells that are open at the sides offer good protection against the weather, but they offer almost no protection against damage to the fittings or injuries to the hands."
To ensure effective protection, closed protectors are needed. These have a bracket that is supported near the clamping blocks and at the end of the handlebars, thus completely framing the armature. This principle has proven itself in rally motorbikes under the toughest conditions.

Forged aircraft aluminium
Touratech has now gone one step further and developed the Defensa protector, a hand and lever protector in a class of its own. The system consists of two bolted main components as well as an attachment kit. By opting for a multi-part design, the developers gained additional variation options to adapt the Defensa to the geometry of a wide range of handlebars and fittings. This means that the required space behind the protector can always be created so that the levers can move freely. The annoying hitting - especially of the clutch lever - on the protector, as known from universal products, is a thing of the past with the Defensa.
The strength of the construction is beyond reproach. The components of the Defensa are made of a forged high-strength aluminium alloy, as proven in aircraft construction. With a frame thickness of up to 12.5 millimetres, the dimensions have been chosen generously without losing sight of the issue of weight. Precision manufacturing ensures excellent dimensional accuracy and thus a precise fit. The model-specific adaptation ensures tension-free mounting and full steering angle.

Adaptation for on- and off-road use
For pure off-road use, it is recommended to use the Defensa "Pure" version, where only the bracket is mounted. For mixed use, there is the Defensa "Expedition", which is fitted with a plastic wind deflector.
The plastic shell is slid over the main hoop and clamped to the screw connection of the two aluminium components, ensuring a precise and secure fit. If you need even more weather protection, you can also fit the separately available "Extension" spoiler.
Of course, the Defensa Expedition can easily be converted back to the Pure. "Off-road professionals do without the weather protection during tough missions," explains Tilo Jentzsch. "The metal bar provides the impact protection anyway, but a wind deflector always carries the risk of getting your hand caught in the handlebars when flying off and not being able to detach from the machine quickly enough."
Whether off-road or touring - the Touratech Defensa offers reliable protection for handlebar fittings and hands, so that a minor mishap does not turn into a major problem.

Optional spoiler

  1. DEFENSA Extension handprotector spoilers
    DEFENSA Extension handprotector spoilers
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